WELL OF INDIGENOUS WISDOM Advanced Clinical Mentorship Program










Greetings and Welcome to the Advanced Clinical Mentorship Program (ACMP)! 

My clinical experience is extensive, over 15 years working with hundreds of people throughout the globe. I have worked with clients in Africa, USA, and now Puerto Rico.  I have clinically supported a variation of cases including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, immune compromises and especially mental health related such as depression and insomnia to name a few. Over time I have developed and managed successful free clinics in both Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now on the island of Puerto Rico in collaboration with Herbalists without Borders. These have shifted accessibility and healthcare for populations with low income or in need of integrative care. My vision with ACMP is to develop a program to assist many herbalists who want to improve their clinical skills by working at free mobile clinics in Puerto Rico and in the future Africa. In addition, this is a program for students who want to receive and who seek mentorship on decolonization and indigenous wisdom concepts to support their practice.


Thank you for your interest and application to this life changing program.



                    Olatokunboh Obasi MSc., CNS, RH (AHG)







ACMP is for herbalists who have completed a full herbal medicine program and already have some or little experience in clinics and want to improve on their skills. This is not a program for the beginner student.


Mentorship is an important part of my career as a herbalist.  With an increase of professional herbalists, I see myself placed in serving by guiding the profession into the mainstream with highly qualified practitioners.  My goal for herbalism is that it enters the mainstream to assist in the reformation of healthcare overall. Therefore, the importance and uniqueness of a program such as this, cannot be stated enough.


Length of Program:

Expect to stay in a modest apartment for 14 days (think 16 days to allow time to travel depending on flights).  There will be a week course to discuss Advanced Clinical Skills.  The rest of our time will include clinical work, with 2 days off per week.  Weekends may include clinics and clinical hours could be upto 8 hours at a time.


Number of Students:

There will only be a limit of 3 students at a time admitted into the program. There maybe local students participating in the free clinics as well.


Logistics and Cost:

$1700 includes room, a meal a day (dinner) and the program.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space prior to arrival. Travel expenses should be managed by students; to and from the airport, as well as with movement around the island during free days. My assistant will coordinate further to ensure smooth and clear understanding during students’ stay. Transportation from the airport to the apartment will include a $50 transportation fee. 


Rooms and Board:

There are 2 bedrooms and 1 and half bath. 2 students will share one room and a spare small room for another. Amenities include washer, small stove and refrigerator.  There is no Wifi or very little access as the house is located in a rustic and modest setting.  During your stay, we encourage connection with nature, an almost acre backyard filled with tropical plants to explore and planting projects to incorporate.


Preparing for the Program:

  • Mandatory ZOOM call about 3 weeks before arrival to cover things and discuss expectations.

  • Required and Recommend books to read before arriving:

History of Puerto Rico 

Required: War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colony Paperback – by Nelson A Denis (Author)

The Battle For Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists Paperback –  by Naomi Klein  (Author)

Puerto Rico: An Interpretive History from Pre-Colombian Times to 1900 Paperback--by Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim (Author)

Culture of Africa and Taino

Tainos and Caribs: The Aboriginal Cultures of the Antilles

Community Herbalism

Required: Transforming Communities: How People Like You are Healing Their Neighborhoods by Sandhya Rani Jha

Required: Herbal Clinician I and II by Plant Healer

The Consultation in Phytotherapy: The Herbal Practitioner’s Approach to the Patient by Peter Conway


What you will Receive:

  • Increased knowledge on tropical plants

  • Added information on experience with plants already common in US

  • Skills for quick clinical assessment

  • Intake forms and styles for clinical assessment

  • Ways to approach diversity of clients by learning the cultural appreciation

  • Understand the diversity of clients and learn to cross language lines of western culture and influence

  • A fun time on a beautiful island!!!!










Class starts around 8:30 am to lunch time.

Day 1: 

    Opening ceremony

    Orientation day


        -Rules of the house

        -Where things are on the property and the city

    Land walk


Day 2-3: 

    Clinic observation

    Common medicines to work with in clinic

    How to conduct a consultation?

    Translator introductions 

    Meaning of community herbalism

    Prepare, improvising consultation

    Setting up: Making formulations


Day 4- Day 6:

    Herb Garden Work


    An activity to get acquainted with local farmers, land keepers and sacred sites    

    Meeting local healers or elders who plants medicines


Day 7:

    Improvising consultations

    Making more formulations

    Other activities and self-care with additional cost:

    Meditation and Yoga



    Miso making. Using the beans that available in Puerto Rico


Day 8-14:

    Clinical practice, assessment and discussion of reading materials etc.  Some of the above activities may be included.