Welcome to Well of Indigenous Wisdom (WOIW) school. We are very excited to share herbalism with you! An online community, is an easy way for me, Olatokunboh to share my knowledge and experience as an indigenous woman healer/herbalist/human. I believe in uplifting humanity with this purpose and awareness of healing empowerment. So many people are interested in learning with me usually former clients, attendees to my guest teachings in conferences, herb schools or referrals by students, clients, etc. Whichever way, my appeal is generally rooted in indigenous wisdom. The fact that I teach about indigenous perspectives and promote traditional thought is due to my unique background. This makes it easy for me to pass on knowledge with authenticity and with ease.  I like to give a world view of herbalism and break the limitations of Western herbalism and views overall. A lot of my work has been on social justice and humanitarian service. My devotion is to be in service to the people in the community that I live and hopefully that you can develop your skills through this online course to better serve and empower the community that you live in.


            Naturally Yours,

Olatokunboh Obasi, MSc, CNS, RH (AHG)




Vision Statement & Logistics




To provide accessibility of herbalism through the lens of indigenous wisdom to a larger forum. Hoping that all students will contribute to the future of healthcare reform, accessibility, equality through health and wellness.


Course Duration & Format: 

The entire course is about a year long. Level One, the first 6 months is a basic/family herbalist course to teach about consciousness and care taking of loved ones as well as healing art modalities. Level Two, the last 6 months is a community/clinical focused herbalist course to teach about community health and service clinically. WOIW classes will take place online with assignments and a workbook to guide through the process. There will be a 4 hour Zoom meeting once a month on an agreed day (usually over the weekend) for lecture material and to answer questions. All required assignments are expected to be completed before each lecture.  A lot of work is dependent on your commitment and perseverance.  The more your get accomplished, the more you will gain from this experience! There will be other teachers  involved in teaching throughout the course. Olatokunboh will be accessible via WhatsApp or phone for office hours every Tuesday 9-6p as needed for your convenience.  Please schedule an appointment ahead of time to reserve your space.  


Start Dates of Courses 2020-2021:  

Class will begin at 8:30a till 12:30p EST on a Zoom Call

April 18th 

July 18th

October 17th

January 16th

April 17th

July 17th

October 16th



Online Program, Self-Study. There will be a 3 day retreat with Olatokunboh in Puerto Rico at the end of each level.



Each level is $2000.  A non-refundable $100 deposit is needed to confirm attendance prior to the beginning of the course.  Due date for years 2020-2021 a week before start date, please see start dates above.  A payment plan will be accepted after discussion and contract agreement, please contact olawellofwisdom@gmail.com to discuss further. Payment options,

Venmo: @olawellofwisdom, PayPal: (please avoid fee) olawellofwisdom@gmail.com, Cashapp $OlaWellofWisdom



Level Two prerequisite is Level One.  To complete ALL course requirements prior to successful application to the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), if choosing, must include entries of your attendance and record of hours.  Our class hours alone should add up to about 300 hours alone for both levels. Please keep track of all hours. See workbook for further information. 


Contact Info.: 

Olatokunboh Obasi, MSc, RH, CNS, Phone: 787-988-3922

Email: olawellofwisdom@gmail.com, Website: www.wellofindigenouswisdom.com







OUTLINE: LEVEL ONE    Basic Family Track                                            


General Herbalism                         

    History of Herbalism                        

    World Traditions                

    Major Systems of the West                

    Healing Practices & Ancestral work

    Projects for self healing and connection with the earth


Cosmology of Ayurveda


    6 Tastes

    *Body Energetics

    Ayurvedic Herbs


Cosmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    5 Elements

    *TCM Body Systems

    TCM Herbs




    *Body Tissue

    Herbs from Vitalist View


Materia Medica                        

    Monographs (at least 3 Basic)

    Botany-Local Plants

    Growing and Working the Land


Functional Nutrition    

    Fundamentals of Nutrition

    Food & Location & Movement

    Major Nutrients and Minerals


Medicine Making (TCM and Ayurvedic Preparations)

    How to Make a Tincture

    How to Make a Tea 

    How to make Topicals

    Growing a Herbal Apothecary


3 Day Retreat in Puerto Rico











OUTLINE: LEVEL TWO   Community Clinical Track



Community and Clinical Herbalism Defined

    Exploring community service 

    Health care reform in herbalism

    Clinical strategies 


Esoteric Physiology



    Endocrine (Hormonal/Nervous)






Advanced Materia Medica

    Herbs for each system


Medical Subjects 

       Monographs (Advanced)


Formulating Medicines



       Medicine Making in your Backyard


Clinical skills






Clinical Practice

        Questions and Concerns to think about

      AHG Application process


3 Day retreat in Puerto Rico and Closing Ceremony with Certification from WOIW