Omaroti is a space located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico where:

  • We want to inspire people's lives with the use of plants as medicine,

  • We want to empower people to explore plant medicine as preventative primary health care,

  • We want to educate people to connect with plant medicine and the wholeness of nature.

We know that our goals will bring wellbeing within mind, body and spirit to each individual and to each community.  Our ultimate goal is to be available for workshops, seminars and guest teaching opportunities, to create and provide customized products, and to consult worldwide. We have found that our online presence is far more effective and efficient allowing all our customers to access us as needed. 

  We hope you too will enjoy our offerings!  


Well of Indigenous Wisdom School is dedicated to inspiring and increasing the knowledge of those interested in indigenous medicine. Indigenous medicine is immersed in the primordial concepts and healing practices passed on by our elders.  Those of us with close indigenous contact and upbringing, believe in teaching to uplift the people.


We want to come to your community and teach you how to create and understand herbalism through the lens of indigenous roots.  We want to teach you the presence of healing by adding tools for your practice.  We want to see greater health outcomes in all areas of healthcare and we believe this approach can benefit all clients/patients everywhere.

Our interests lie in professional groups such as conventional practitioners (medical doctors, pharmacists, integrative health clinics, geriatric care), holistic health practitioners (reiki masters, acupuncturists, healers, massage therapists, herbalists), and organizations (women's groups, spiritual groups, health affiliations or staff wellness).


We are also interested in connecting with communities interested in hosting weekend workshops.  

Contact us here to initiate a healing workshop or seminar.

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

All our products are made with earth consciousness.  If we did not grow, pick and produce them ourselves, we find responsible sources. We rely heavily on concepts of sustainability, and practice and teach environmental awareness.


All our products are scientifically and naturally made to provide our customers with the highest quality. We are successful because of our sacred intention and scientific understanding. This perfect integration improves the efficiency and effect of our products.


Our fundamental purpose in practicing herbalism and holistic health, is to bring plants to the people.  


Take a look at our Online Store to purchase our products and if you're not sure, maybe you need a consultation. Click Here.